Cable Management

Ascend is the global leader in supplying the cable tie market and we are committed to driving innovation.

Ascend produces more than 2 million cable ties each year for R&D and quality testing using our custom-engineered polyamides. Our broad portfolio includes grades specifically designed for applications requiring fast cycling with resistance to impact, weather, chemicals and high temperatures. Our unparalleled applications testing lab, technical service model and approach to innovation ensure your manufacturing processes run efficiently and cost-effectively.


We are continously bringing new products to the market from extreme heat resistance to recycled polymer.

Rigorous testing

Our dedicate lab in Pensacola, Florida ensures our materials provide superior performance in your processes.

Technical support

Ascend experts are available around the globe to help you achieve peak performance without materials.

Customer-focused: Cable Management

Technical Solutions

We offer a full line of product offerings and technical solutions with the ability to mold sample cable ties.  Ascend is dedicated to cable tie product development and conducts the following testing.

  • UV weather tests
  • Heat aging tests
  • Impact testing
  • Loop strength testing
  • Hydrolysis resistance
  • Brittleness index
  • Cable tie failure analysis
  • Cold-weather installation
  • Technology highlights

Vydyne Metal Detectable pa66

Hidura Thermaplus Case Study

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